Index Recommendations

OtterTune’s Index Recommendations are based on a collection of statistics and health checks to diagnose and resolve common database problems within indexes. It provides real-time analysis of your indexes’ health conditions and suggests actions to fix the issues it identifies.

Index Recommendations

Currently, OtterTune checks for unused and duplicate indexes.
OtterTune can provide you the command lines to copy to drop these indexes.


For MySQL databases, the following permissions are required to enable Index Health:
GRANT SELECT ON mysql.innodb_index_stats TO 'ottertune';
GRANT SELECT ON performance_schema.table_io_waits_summary_by_index_usage TO 'ottertune';
For PostgreSQL databases, no extra permissions are needed if you have granted the ones we asked for here.

Agent Version

Index Recommendations are supported by agents whose version is >= 0.3.10. If you are using an old version of the agent, please upgrade to see index-level recommendations.