Knob Tuning Recommendations

OtterTune will periodically recommend new knob configurations expected to improve performance based on the data it has collected so far.
These can be applied in one of three ways:
  1. 1.
    Auto-Tuning: knob configurations are automatically applied by OtterTune
  2. 2.
    Manual Review: knob tuning recommendations are presented in the UI for manual review, and then are applied by OtterTune once approved
    1. 1.
      Note that when more than one knob config change is recommended, you are able to remove any of the recommended config changes before allowing OtterTune to apply the config changes
  3. 3.
    Manually applied outside of OtterTune, using command lines copied from OtterTune’s UI
You can change the Knob Tuning Options on a per-database instance level. That is, you can customize the options you use to tune each database instance in your fleet. When the instance is part of a cluster, you also have the option to optimize the knobs at the cluster- or instance-level.

Automated Tuning

When you allow OtterTune to apply knob configurations on your behalf and have enabled our Slack integration, you’ll receive a Slack notification, including a diff of the new config vs the old, every time OtterTune applies a new configuration on your behalf.
When knob tuning is set to Automated, OtterTune will send you a slack message with the config diffs every time a new config is applied.

Manual Review

When you have Manual Review enabled and there is a new configuration to approve, you’ll be notified by email and--when you've enabled our Slack integration--by Slack.
You can then review and approve line-by-line before allowing OtterTune to apply the approved knob settings.

Self-Directed Tuning

When you opt for Self-Directed Tuning, OtterTune will still generate Knob Tuning Recommendations and notify you when there are new recommendations to review. You can then review the knob recommendations and copy the command to apply the desired knob settings in your own terminal, outside of OtterTune.