Release Notes

The chronological history of post-v2.0 release updates to the OtterTune service and agent.

Major Service Release: v2.0 2023-04-05

OtterTune 2.0 is focused on a more holistic view of your databases and includes:
  • Database instance-level and fleet-level health scores
  • Knob tuning recommendations blending both machine learning-generated and heuristics-based recommendations–and with the ability to apply to your database in three different ways
  • Actionable unused and duplicate index recommendations, by providing copyable command lines to drop the indexes you decide on
  • A simplified, easier to navigate set of knob tuning options, to further customize your OtterTune experience
  • This includes allowing you to tune your knob configs in one of three ways:
    • Automated through OtterTune
    • Manual review, applied through OtterTune
    • Self-directed tuning, with copyable command lines provided in the OtterTune UI
      • Note you do not need to give us Write permissions in order to use this method
  • Easier switching between different AWS Accounts within your Organization
In addition to Query Recommendations–coming very soon!–we have many feature enhancements and new features planned to follow. To see how v2.0 compares to our previously released version, you can read more on v1.5 here.
Some of these upcoming suggested enhancements and new features are listed here, and you can add your own suggestions and vote/comment on existing suggestions.