Database Configurations

OtterTune keeps track of each configuration that it installs on the database. The Configuration page allows you to view the knob settings for each configuration and the measured performance.
To access the Configuration panel, click the Configurations tab on the Database Overview page.
In the middle of the page there will be a list of the configurations that OtterTune has generated for this database. Each configuration entry includes the measured tuning objective (e.g., throughput), the timestamp of when it was created, and whether it is Active or Inactive.

Viewing a Configuration

Clicking on an entry will then load the details about that configuration.
The configuration details panel shows the last tuning objective measurement (e.g., throughput). It also includes the timestamps of when the configuration was created and when OtterTune last received data from the agent about the database from when this configuration is active.
Below these details is the list of knobs and their values for this configuration. The knobs that OtterTune modified in this configuration include a Tuning checkmark.

Comparing Configurations

You can compare any two application configuration versions. This functionality highlights the differences between the changed configuration values in the two versions and helps Developers to understand how their configuration data has changed over time.
To compare two configurations:
  1. 1.
    Select the first configuration from the list to display its configuration details.
  2. 2.
    Select Compare with and choose the second configuration from the dropdown list. As shown in the screenshot below, knobs with different settings are highlighted in blue.

Applying Configurations Manually

Inactive configurations have an APPLY NOW button that can be used to immediately override the current (active) configuration with one that was applied to the database previously.
The APPLY NOW button performs the following actions:
  • It applies the selected configuration to the database.
  • If the mode is set to Optimizing, it automatically switches the tuning mode to Monitoring.
There are several scenarios where this feature is useful. Foremost is that it can be used to quickly override the current configuration if it’s believed to be causing serious performance issues.
As shown below, the APPLY NOW button is located in the upper right corner of the configuration details.
After selecting APPLY NOW, a confirmation box will appear. Select Proceed if you still wish to apply the configuration or Cancel otherwise.
Selecting Proceed will return you to the Database Overview page, and the Status will show Applying Manual Config.
Important OtterTune only allows one pending configuration at a time. When a configuration is pending, the color of the APPLY NOW button changes from red to gray, and selecting it causes the following error message to be displayed:
After the configuration has been applied successfully, the status will change to Monitoring and there will be a new configuration under Last configurations.