Database Overview
OtterTune's Database Overview shows the details about a particular database.

Database Info

The Database Info panel provides basic system and hardware information for your database.
The entries in the Database Info panel are defined as follows:
The cloud vendor of the database instance.
Instance type
The hardware category or name for your database instance. For Amazon RDS, this is the DB instance type of the database.
The number of virtual CPU cores available on the database instance.
The amount of memory available on the database instance.
Provisioned IOPS
Number of IOPS allocated to the database instance (Amazon RDS instances with Provisioned IOPS SSD storage only).

Database Performance and Status

The top of the Database Overview displays the latest performance and status information for the database.
The panel on the left shows the measured target objective for the database's current (active) configuration. In the screenshot below, the database's target objective is Throughput and the performance of the current configuration is 2350 txn/s (transactions per second). See Target Objective for more details.
The Status panel on the right displays the following information:
Tuning Mode
Whether OtterTune is actively monitoring or optimizing the database. See Tuning Mode for more details.
Tuning Interval
How often OtterTune will install a new configuration when the tuning mode is set to "Optimizing". See Tuning Interval for more details.
Restart DBMS
Whether OtterTune is allowed to restart the database when the in the "Optimizing" tuning mode. See Database Restarts for more details.
Connection Status
(Agent only) The current connection status of OtterTune's agent. See Agent Status for more details.

Last Configurations

The lower part of the Database Overview displays the configurations installed most recently on the database (up to four). Each card shows the name, performance, status, and creation time for a given configuration. See Database Configurations for more details.

Remove Database

You can remove your database from OtterTune from the Database Overview page. To remove a database, select Settings -> Remove from OtterTune. An example is shown in the screenshot below (the Settings menu is located on the lower lefthand corner of the page).
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