Performance Charts

OtterTune's Performance Charts allow you to track your database's behavior and configurations over time.

Creating and Editing Charts

To create a new Performance Chart, click the Add Chart button on the right side of the panel.
This will bring up the Chart Builder panel that allows you to customize the chart.
  • Chart Name: Unique indentifier that explains the chart's purpose.
  • Chart Type: Whether the chart will display Metrics, Knob, or Target Objective data.
  • Value: The Metric, Knob, or Target Objective to display. This dropdown automatically refreshes depending on the Chart Type.
  • Database(s): Which databases to include in the chart. This allows you to compare the same data across multiple databases.
After selecting the required values for the Chart Builder form, click on the Save button. The page will refresh with the new chart displayed at the top.

Adjusting Time Periods

The Performance Chart view allows you to change the time period used to display the chart type value. By default, the 1hr tab is selected and will display first but you can select another time period from the tab to see the chart type value.
You can adjust the time period by selecting either 1h, 12h, 24h, 3 days or you create your own using the custom option. The time adjustment period has five tabs to display the chart type.
Performance Chart Time Adjustment
Time Period
Shows data from the last hour.
Shows data from the previous 12 hours.
Shows data from the previous 24 hours.
3 Days
Shows data from the previous 3 days.
Adjust the time period according to your need

Custom Chart Time

The Custom time option allows you to specify the time window that the Performance Charts should display. You can select your preferred date range, edit, and delete.
To create your custom adjustment time period, select the calendar symbol to choose your specified time period. Then click Apply to save your changes. The Performance Charts page should refresh automatically.