Release Notes
The chronological history of updates to the OtterTune service and agent.

Service Update 2021-10-13

New Features

  • Containerized OtterTune Agent - we support an open-source agent running on your hosts that can collect database metrics without our service needing direct network access to your database.
  • CloudFormation templates - it is now much easier to provision your OtterTune IAM role and the agent
  • Okta Self-Service Registration - create your own OtterTune account to automatically receive free-tier access to our service.
  • Customizable Tuning Schedules - control when OtterTune is able to optimize your database
  • "Apply Now" for Configurations - you can now manually apply previously seen configurations by OtterTune
  • Configuration Versioning - see how your Database parameter group changes overtime

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where we were always treating changes to the MySQL parameter innodb_thread_sleep_delay as new configuration changes. This parameter is updated by InnoDB automatically when innodb_adaptive_max_sleep_delay is set. Now, we no longer treat automatic changes to innodb_thread_sleep_delay as a new configuration.
  • Fixed y-axis issue on charts where we were not appropriately subdividing for small ranges
  • Fixed issue where we would incorrectly display an error message suggesting that users' agents have been disconnected if they stayed on the database overview page for too long.
  • Fixed issue where we lost track of a user's parameter group ARN when they switched from Tuning mode to Monitoring mode.
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